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Interventional Cardiology

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Interventional Cardiology

Interventional cardiology is a specialized field of cardiovascular medicine that involves the use of balloons, stints and catheters to open up blocked arteries. These procedures many times are used to prevent the need for open-heart surgery. Most patients are capable of sitting up and walking immediately after the procedure.

Interventional cardiology procedures include:

  • Angioplasty

  • Coronary angioplasty

  • Valvuloplasty

  • Congenital Heart Defeat Correction

  • Percutaneous Valve Repair/Replacement

  • Coronary Thrombectomy

Our physicians perform all surgeries in Saline Health System’s state-of-the-art catheter and electrophysiology labs. For more information, please request an appointment with one of our cardiologists.


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